HR PROF (Holz Prof) – Wood Fire Protector

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Available in 5 Ltr and 20 Ltr Containers

– 17m2 (Most Wood Species Species at 270 m/l per m2)
– 13m2 (Western Red Cedar at 360 m/l per m2)
– 71m2 (at 270ml / m2)
– 55 m2 (Western Red Cedar at 360 m/l per m2)

HR-Prof is a revolutionary fire proofing product for wood and other porous combustible building materials, now available for the first time in the UK, water based, non-hazardous, ready to use solution.

See below for Timber Species certified to use with HR Prof


– Anti-fungicidal properties
– A very good fungicide
– Without colour or odour
– Non-toxic
– Solvent Free
– Not harmful to the environment
– For internal and external use
– Once dry it is not broken down by water or humidity
– Does not leach

Accelerated Weathering

This was performed according to NT FIRE 053 Method B which involved accelerated weathering by cycles of rain, drying and also UV light for a total time of 1000 hours. The accelerated weathering was performed between 5 November and 17 December 2007 by SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden.

HR-Prof fire performance properties will not compromise other critical engineering properties in the timber such as strength, durability, or hygroscopicity.

HR-Prof Flame Retardant is not harmful to the environment – Environmentally friendly materials are essential for a cleaner world, follow the link below to sustainable construction.

HR-Prof is simple to use and safe to apply. Possessing high diffusion properties it quickly penetrates the structure of the substrate. Unlike intumescent systems it does not require an additional protective finishing coat. However, if required HR-Prof can be over-coated with wood stains, varnishes and some paints (tests may be required before over-coating, click here to view Top Coats).

HR-Prof has non-flammable properties, which become part of the substrate, restricting ignition and the spread of flame. It will not wash out from the surface of the substrate after drying, it is not converted into smoke when exposed to high temperatures, and carbon char is restricted to the immediate area. Materials treated with HR-Prof when exposed to temperatures of up to 1700 C are subject to charcoal forming, severely restricting the spread of flame.

HR-Prof for use in timber frame buildings, external wood cladding, on staircases, trusses, doors, joists, floors and walls, on stables, log cabins, boats, fencing and garages – inside and outside. Once dry it is not affected by moisture so can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and swimming pool enclosures. Timber pre-treated with HR PROF (Holz Prof) once dry does not react with galvanised steel ( zinc), stainless steel, brass, gun nails or zinc coated screws, whether the application is internal or external.

Technical Documents

HR Prof Application Instructions

BM Trada Certificate

BM Trada Appendix

Hygroscopic Test Results

Timber Absorption Report

Strength and Fixings Results

Test Standards

Direction for Use

Building Regulations

MSDS Document

<span style="color:#CC0000">HR Prof Certificated Timber Species</span>

  • BM TRADA Certification for Consistency of Performance of HR Prof on 18mm-8.5mm Spruce Cladding
  • SPRUCE: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • PINE: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • EUROPEAN OAK: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • SCOTCH LARCH: Euro-class “B-s1-d0” & BS 476 PART 6 & 7 UK Class “O”
  • SIBERIAN LARCH: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • WESTERN RED CEDAR: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • BIRCH PLYWOOD : Euro-class “C-s1-d1”
  • OAK FACED PLYWOOD: BS 476: PART 7: 1997 Class “2”
  • SUCUPIRA AMARELA Hardwood (density 1000kg/m3): Euro-class “B-s1-d0”
  • THERMOWOOD: Indicative result Euro-class “C”
  • Pine Flooring Radiant Panel 18mm, to EN ISO 9239-1:2002 Indicative Euro B-S1-d0
  • Fire Resistance classification K1 10
  • Fire Resistance classification K2 10
  • HR PROF (Holz Prof) development and manufacture approved to ISO 9001-2008